Todd Dubner

I have been at NCI for about 5 years now – responsible for our acquisition program, corporate strategy, our interactive businesses and our direct marketing businesses.  Before joining NCI, I was at Cendant corporation where I ran a travel agency business, was responsible for product innovation in the travel division and helped launch what is now TravePort through the Cendant Internet Group.  My career also includes time at Idealab!, where I launched, Primedia, where I acquired a series of consumer media businesses and I started my career at Andersen Consulting.

My family and I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.   My wife, Tracey is an avid runner, skier and is an all around great mom.  My older son, Sammy, is a surfer, tennis player and a determined little guy.  My younger son Ari is 8 years yonger than Sammy.   Ari is a curious, active boy with a huge smile.


2 responses to “Todd Dubner

  1. This is a terrific, thoughtful and all around excellent blog. In fact it’s the best one I have ever read!

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