Exciting Month at NCI

The interactive team at NCI has been BUSY!  December has a lot to be proud of…

  1. We released our new version of realestatebook.com – tons of cool new functions like a property comparison page, cool new agent profile pages, and simplified navigation.   The designs and features were driven by our web analytics.  Congratulations to Travis, our development team our design team and our IT group.  Great work!
  2. We just released our beta version of apartment finder at beta.apartmentfinder.com.  This radically redesigned site is the work of a great web design team, a core business focus of efficient lead generation and a dedicated effort from Cathy, our development teams our IT teams our web marketing teams and our SEO advisors.
  3. We released our apartmentfinder iPhone app with a ton of unique features.  Congratulations to Melissa and our development and IT teams!
  4. We released our Digital Sherpa offering, our CRE Shrepa offering and rolled-out our Design Sherpa offering. Again congratulations to Melissa, our IT teams, our Sherpa teams and Eric and Adam for bringing these offerings to market.

Since this has turned into a bit of a shout out – just wanted to say that without the focusedd support of Miriam, Frank and their teams in IT, our suppliers and advisers we would never have been able to move this mountain of work…

Talk about doing more with less!  This is a great way to close out 2009.  Time to recharge the batteries for a dynamic 2010.


One response to “Exciting Month at NCI

  1. Congrats to all of my colleagues and friends on keeping the positive momentum in a difficult market.

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