Apartment Features

Supply and demand… I took a quick look at two datapoints from November and found a bit of a mis-match. I looked at what features people were selecting in their search criteria; the facets they had selected and I looked at the amenities our advertisers claim in the description of their properties. I am sure that there is seasonality to this demand picture (you are less likely to ask for a pool in November than in July), but it is still interesting data. So, first the demand, here are the relative count of searches with our top 10 parameters selected. I took out the actual count numbers (the scale) so as not to release proprietary data. But it is a very interesting picture – pets & washer/dryer really dominate the demand (after, of course, geography and price).


The Supply picture is dominated by pools and fitness centers with laundry relatively under represented. While the chart below is just a count of properties with each of these ammenities, the picture is even more curios when you look at is as a % of all properties advertised. For example, 60% of our properties have a pool and sub 50% allow pets. Seems like allowing pets may be cheaper, and could be more appealing than having a pool.



2 responses to “Apartment Features

  1. Thanks for sharing this Todd! Hopefully people will consider your data when they advertise.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Interesting to see that pets and dirt clothes are peoples biggest concerns.

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