My Name is Todd Dubner

Todd DubnerMy Name is Todd Dubner seems to be the perfect title for a blog post that is in part an SEO experiment. I made the decision last week that I was going to take some simple steps to try to boost the page rank of my blog for my own name. We talk about SEO all the time, and I had not really done any personally – just listened to experts and had our organization all geared to appeal to Google on an institutional scale.

So far so good, in the first day or so I was able to move from page 2 to page 1. I think that I can probably get to mid-page with just about an hour more work. So far, here is what I have done…

I added a page to my blog named “Todd Dubner”. That means that every one of my posts have a link to a description of me with the title tag of the link beign my name. (Note that I also just did a little internal linking on the blog for my name just above).

I just posted my picture with the name of the File as Todd Dubner.jpg, descriptive text of Todd Dubner. I will spare you all the video…

I managed all of my social media presence accounts to point to the blog. Linked-in, Twitter, Facebook, Active Rain profiles all now have a link to the blog – I am not sure how impactful that will be, but it seemed wise.

I added myself to Google Profiles with a link to my blog.

I used the blog roll to point at all of my social media presence points.

I tagged myself in a couple of posts.

I bought $15 worth of clicks on Google for my name, just trying to encourage them to take a closer look at my site.

So, about 1 hour of work, $15 in spend and so far about 1/2 a page in rank.



6 responses to “My Name is Todd Dubner

  1. Way cool experiment. Keep me posted on the results!

  2. Seems so simple … don’t you think we often make things more complicated than they have to be? Thanks for sharing this; I intend to take your lead and try it myself.

  3. GREAT idea, Todd! I have to try this.

  4. LOVE this!

  5. There’s a professional baseball player named travis metcalf so I haven’t been able to get to the top of page one.

  6. You can get a good boost out of your LinkedIn profile link by editing it to say your name as the anchor, rather than “My Blog”, too.

    Nice work!

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