There’s an App For That

NCI has its first app in the iTunes store. Apartment Finder’s app (search for apartmentfinder) does everything we wanted it to, using features on the device that we think make total sense for an apartment shopper.

  • Find apartments near me (use the GPS)
  • Email a lead (email)
  • Call a lead (phone)
  • Take a picture of the apartment into your notes (camera)
  • Share your notes with a friend (web, email)
  • Much, much more

While I love it, think it is totally cool and know that it will drive leads and traffic – I still believe that the dominant “Mobile App” is ink on paper, freely distributed in a digest form, coupled with a cell phone. To that end – this video is spot-on and hillarious.

P.S. Finder has generated more than 1mm cell phone based leads since May, before our app ever hit the market.


5 responses to “There’s an App For That

  1. Totally agree. For some the apps and internet are the only sources. Still a great many use this easy to use print version.

  2. Patty Blum Crawford

    And try serving fish and chips on your handheld, very messy.

  3. Love it. Very clever.

  4. Great — thanks for sharing this! it is so true…read a magazine last night on the plane, didn’t loose signal the entire flight!

  5. I just love when people tell me print is dead but then I go home to see my wife and kids looking at catalogs that just came in the mail. If only I could stop them from going on the internet to buy the items that they say in the catalogs.

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