Green Shoots at NAR

I was at the NAR (National Association of Realtors) convention in San Diego this past weekend.  While it was significantly smaller in scale and attendance than years’ past, I observed what appears to be “green shoots” of new life.

Realtors are accustomed to the new reality. There was no “woe is me” head holding, nor was there any pie-in-the-sky “we are about to bounce”.  There was a sense that we have seen the worst of it and that a savvy agent can make money in this market reality.   It was the tone in every conversation that I had with vendors, agents, brokers and other attendees.  A very pragmatic approach to doing business with lower prices and lower volume.

Realtors are getting ready to market more. Another consistent conversation was agents preparing for a bigger marketing year in 2010.  We had a steady stream of former customers visiting the By Design booth, solely to tell us that (a) they still love the product, (b) they are getting ready to return and (c) ask if we can do anything about that set-up fee.  Oh, and the answer is – if you are a former customer, if you tell us that you love us we can probably work with you on the set-up fee.

Creative vendors are getting their mental juices going. At NCI, we believe in the intelligence of the entrepreneur.  We pay attention to what innovative thinkers are chasing and try to find where people are showing signs of profit.  There was just more of that at the show this year than last.  The ideas that were being shopped felt more concrete and actionable with a clearer value proposition than those in the past.  No one was doing the, “if  I could get 80% of agents to give me a dollar” math that never works out.

It feels like indications that we have passed the inflection point – that real estate marketing”s acceleration is pointed “North” not “South”.  Very realistic, very positive, very encouraging.





2 responses to “Green Shoots at NAR

  1. Thanks, Todd. You just answered several of my questions! This is re-assuring.

  2. My sentiments exactly. The traffic while small in comparison to the boom years of 03, 04, o5 & 06, those in attendance had a sense of purpose that they wanted to get back to selling homes and not worry about the recession any longer.

    Agents want solutions more than ever before.

    This market makes for a more educated and savvy Realtor who needs to work with vendors who can help them.

    Things will still be challenging in 2010, but people realize they need to market themselves through this shakeout and that’s the good news.

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