Newark is a factory

I fly a lot. I fly through a lot of airports. For one reason or another, it has been a while since I’ve flown through EWR (Newark). What a great experience.

The line for security was about 25 people deep – easily a 10 to 15 minute process at LGA or ATL, 20 mins plus at JFK or GEG (Spokane). Under 5 mins at EWR. Many lines, all moving, all TSA people friendly, helpful and smiling. Everyone working, no one just idling.

Got to my gate right away and there were tons of breakfast options. The place I got food also had a line that flew. I even saw them crack the eggs for my breakfast!

I don’t know exactly what makes one airport work so well when other drag – but it felt the attitude I often see at NCI. People know their job, they work fast, they have service in mind.

Every airport has similar tools. Every airport has different people. The people at EWR just exceeded expectation.


One response to “Newark is a factory

  1. The right process of using tools makes a difference and most of all people who have a bias for action!

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