Efficiency can be fun?

I was really pleased at work yesterday.  We have a ton of hot irons in the fire with site development going on at all of our brands, online marketing innovations being tested (successfully), iPhone apps being tested, Community Sherpas rolling out every day, and we just launched a new feature at By Design Publishing that our customers really love.  We are moving really fast.  The things we are creating seem to be reusable and flexible.  AND we are spending less than we ever had to accomplish these moves.

We have been through several rounds of belt tightening. Each time, doing more with less was a challenge for the team that required extra determination.   Recently, however, something in the interactive organization seemed to change.  We have had mostly the same team with some additions for some time.  This group has started just running faster and faster – doing more with less and developing a real sense of pride on the interactive team for having elegant designs, being fast to market and being fundamentally cheap.   It feels great.  I think I know how a dog feels when they stick their head out the car window and get the amazing sense of speed.

But, this post is really a shout-out to my team.  The product team, led by TJ, should be proud of themselves.  Cathy, Travis and Melissa are cranking out product enhancements of incredible breadth on time and on budget (thanks too to our vendors).  They are in a rhythm and are exhibiting great focus.

Our marketing team has been down a player for some time and has still picked-up its pace.  We have tested new concepts, developed new programs and driven down our cost per lead every month since the middle of the summer.  Maria and Robin work really well together and nothing (big) seems to fall through the cracks.

Efficiency and pace it seems can be fun.  Thanks team and keep on cranking!


2 responses to “Efficiency can be fun?

  1. Your shout-out is heard ’round The Orange World & I couldn’t agree more: Your Team ROCKS.

    I love your analogy of knowing how a dog feels with his head out a car window & couldn’t help but think that our Finder sales reps know that feeling well, too! Blinding, rushing speed with a landscape that’s changing at a break-neck pace.

    I can tell you that out in that fast-paced field, we rely on and benefit from your team’s outstanding work, every day. We have a best-in-class online offering that keeps getting better and better with each new release. For me, it just feels really good to represent such a first class product; I’m proud of it.

    We genuinely appreciate the extraordinary attention to detail, the extra hours and the extra effort required of you and your team to consistently do more…with even less. Impressive!

    Well done, Todd & Team!

  2. Great team with great things going on. Keep on keeping on!

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