Eric Brown joins the NCI team

When we were creating the Community Sherpa product, we took many cues from Eric at Urbane Apartments.   Eric was at the sharp point of the spear leading the charge for multi-family marketing into the social realm.  At that time, Dan started a dialogue with Eric and we have found that we share many perspectives on the potential for social media marketing.  To that end, Eric has joined our team at NCI as our Social Media Strategist.  I am excited to have his voice of experience at the table!  Here is a link to press release announcing Eric Brown is joining NCI .

So, watch for Eric at upcoming events, find him on our blogs and if you have good social media marketing ideas, please tell him!


2 responses to “Eric Brown joins the NCI team

  1. Hey Todd,
    Thanks so much for the opportunity, I am really excited to work with you and the entire NCI team on the Sherpa Product.

    I have had an admiration for the Sherpa Product from the first time I saw Dan blog about it, and I look forward to helping NCI and their clients in the Social Media realm.

  2. New England is so excited about having Eric on the NCI team. We have been a huge fan of your work and success with Urbane’s social marketing.


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