More data on mobile apps

I now have  3 1/2 pages of apps on my iPhone.  I use some of them every week; Remote, Pandora, Tweetie, Fandango and The Weather Channel.  Some of them are research for work we are doing; competitors, Walk Score,  and Yelp.  There are some that I am looking forward to using like Zip Car and the REI Snow Report – THINK SNOW!  Also, there is one simple, doepey app I don’t think I could get to an early morning flight without; the flashlight progrmam “myLite”.  That leaves a lot of apps that sit on my phone that I rarely use and a list of programming detritus that sits in iTunes reminding me of apps that I tried but ultimately found disposable.   The data says that I am not unique.

From Silicon Alley Insider, “Mobile Apps Spoil Faster than Fish”:

“Only 67% of apps are used more than 30 days after they’re downloaded, 32% of apps are used more than 60 days after they’re downloaded, and just 25% of apps are used more than 90 days after they’re downloaded.”

Chart of the Day

Our expectations as we launch apps for Apartment Finder and The Real Estate Book is intense usage while someone searches for an apartment or a home followed by deletion from the device.   This view of the world is actually very clarifying – our apps need to be super simple, super intuitive, super useful and totally disposable.  They need to be designed to server one purpose extraordinarily well – I like to think of an old toaster oven – it just makes great toast…



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