Visualization of Information

There was just a funny post in Gizmodo about infographics and a chart that shows how airlines compete that had me laughing at myself.   I love infographics and would rather communicate in sketches and charts than any other form.   I enjoy thumbing through Tufte and get a huge kick out of jokes like these romance charts or this view of the internet.  I even installed a webcam pointing at my whiteboard in NYC for conversations with product teams in Atlanta.  But, the snarky comment from Mark Wilson at Gizmodo gave me pause:

“Personal theory: Man has a natural propensity to question what he reads but believe anything he sees in neat infographic form.”

I know that I can vastly oversimplify things in my quick whiteboard sessions.  I also know that I think that once I’ve drawn the picture we should be about 2 weeks from delivering the product.   Now I can add “proof by intimidation” to the list of whiteboard and charting ills.


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