Feeling good about our brands!

I said in an earlier post that your customers are your brand.  Well, we just put that to the test at By Design Publishing.   Just two days ago we put up Facebook pages for our Home by Design and Your Homes and Lifestyles magazines.  Well, our customers showed up!  In just that short span of time almost 300 people have become fans of our products.  While having all of them join us in an online community is awesome, what was even better was the unsolicited positive feedback we received.  The way we are described is EXACTLY who we want to be.  Here are some quotes:


Rhonda Saslawsky, “I was at a party one night, and one of my clients came rushing over to me to tell me he had just made all of the recipes in the summer issue of HBD and how fantastic they turned out! Several people overheard this, and wanted the magazine sent to them. I said sure! I find HBD to be a non-threatening, delightful way to do subtle promotion of my Real Estate business. Everyone looks forward to receiving it, and it also keeps me top-of-mind. Perfect!”


Pat Phelps, “This is a classy product and reflects beautifully on me and my business. Customer service is, hands down, the best I have encountered. Thanks, Shannon!”


Becca Young Pendergrast, “A wonderful tool for my business, and the BEST customer service out there -hand’s down!”


Vicky Henry “Great magazine. This monthly professional magazine has kept me in front of my customers and clients. Referrals from your customers/clients come from this “great” magazine.”


Check out the conversation at our product pages!


Home by Design

Your Homes and Lifestyles


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