Kutcher’s Twitter vs. Obama’s Blackberry

In a recent post I asked about segmenting by social relationship.  It seems that this theme is getting a lot of attention.  For example, check-out the Spectrum of Online Friendship that Mike Arauz has assembled – very cool concept for social marketing. 


Mike argues that the spectrum of relationships is fluid online and should give us some examples we can use in brand building.  His framework ranges from “Passive Interest” (repeat website visitors, blog readers, fans, followers, etc.) to “Investment” (your wins are my wins).  Brand development requires interaction at all of his seven levels. 


Some current examples:

While Ashton Kutcher’s 1mm followers/fans number is significant – it is likely 99.999% Passive Interest. 


When President Obama got to keep his Blackberry, very few people from the campaign were able to remain wirelessly connected.  My hunch is that those people had already demonstrated their Investment in their willingness to bend over backwards for his success. 


Cultivating a personal brand is just like cultivating a friendship.  If you read through Mike’s spectrum, it is clear that that Realtors have a series of tools available to them that move people from being strangers to passive interest and ultimately to clients and ultimately Invested influencers driving word of mouth promotion. 


I’ll spend the next couple of posts examining some messages and tool that savvy agents seem to be effectively using in all media to successfully grow relationships and brands.



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