Credos and Brands

I was reading Tom Peters’ Blog (Tom is a business strategy guru, former Harvard b-school professor, former McKinsey consultant, and the author of In Search of Excellence).  He is writing the credo for his consulting team and I thought some of it applicable to agents seeking to brand themselves. 

Here is a subset of his current list (he is down to 8):

  • We will exude integrity, individually and collectively.
  • We will bring to bear overwhelming and instant and collective force to redress any customer problem, real or imagined.
  • We will be civil in all our dealings with one another.
  • We will never, in any way, compromise on the quality of our products or services—regardless of difficulties in our marketplace and economy.
  • We shall unfailingly aim for EXCELLENCE in all we do.

Imagine if these statement were how your customers and friends described you as a real estate agent!  Exuding integrity, unfailingly being excellent, never compromising on quality – what a great brand positioning.  Remember, a credo is about how you live your life and execute your work – it is more than just a collection of words. 

A couple of questions for the market:

  • Do you have a credo?
  • Is your credo reflected in your marketing?  If so, how?

Also, I loved Tom’s take on strategy in a recession.


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