Efficient Social Networking

The agents that I speak with think of their marketing both in terms of ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on effort).  The ROE measure is more and more often being assigned to the “free” services that require a lot of time and attention in order to drive success.  In thinking about efficiency, Social Networking can be a bottomless pit.  There are many, many places an agent can participate, more content than a person can read in a lifetime and more opportunity to blog, status or tweet than anyone could keep up with.

I found a post by Mario Sundar, “Evangalist and Chief Blogger” at LinkedIn.  He proposes some guidelines to being efficient with your social networking.  While there is a shameless plug for LinkedIn (expected), the general advice seems really sound. 

“Select between 1 and 3 social networks you must absolutely be a part of.

Check these social networks (if your job depends on it) ONLY at select time intervals during the weekday, everyday.”

You can read more at his Blog.


2 responses to “Efficient Social Networking

  1. You’re right. The initial allure of social networking is seductive, addictive and potentially an enormous time drag. Having a usage strategy, just as you would for other marketing activities (your website, your advertising, etc.) makes the whole thing feel more manageable.

  2. Oh, so it isn’t necessary to be on every single social media site in order to get the most out of it? What a novel concept. Worth trying…after I’ve joined them all initially. I can just focus on three and ignore the rest.

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