Be like Coke

Treat your personal brand like Coca Cola – with global consistency.  Coke is one of the best recognized brands in the world and for a good reason.  The brand is consistent everywhere.  The bottle is universally recognizable.  When you open a bottle (glass or plastic, 12oz or 2 liter) anywhere you may be, you get exactly what you expect.  I have had Coke on 5 continents and it always tastes the same (mostly).  When Coke tried to change – remember “New Coke” – its customers revolted.

Establishing your personal brand requires authenticity and consistency just like Coke.  Wherever anyone encounters your brand; you, your friends, your marketing materials, your prior customers or other agents the message needs to be consistent and authentic.  People need to know that wherever they encounter you, in every possible setting, you are consistent with your brand.

There are many tools that agents use to develop their personal brand.  They use their website, their blogs, their Facebook pages, Twitter, print ads, emails and an array of other marketing techniques.  One of our products, Home by Design magazine gives agents the opportunities to enhance their personal brand by associating your message with award winning home and lifestyle content (take a look at our current issue at  Agents who use this product customize the cover pages (2 front and 2 back cover pages) with their own images and messages.


Some of the best agents are using this tool to consistently convey their brand message and remind their core sphere of influence what they stand for.  Their messages are authentic and their own and are enhanced by the magazine with which they are delivered.


Here are some examples:


Kristie Smith uses one of her pages to encourage her readers to join her on Facebook, the environment that she uses to cultivate her brand.



Sharon Grimes has evoked a sense of Southern California that makes an emotional connection to the place.  How she has connected herself and her business to her region is totally consistent with who she is and her own brand.


I will post more of these pages over the next days demonstrate how savvy marketers are making the most of our products to grow their business.


One response to “Be like Coke

  1. Todd: You make a very important point here. Consistency and Authenticity are two of the most important keys to successful personal branding.

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